The countdown is running! Only

left until the highlight of the jubilee year.

The KORSCH Anniversary Party

Until late in the Berlin night, more than 1000 guests from all over the world celebrated this milestone with many great highlights.
e have prepared an overview of the celebration in this video:
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Unforgettable Moments

We have gathered some of the special moments in a picture gallery for you.


Emil Korsch founded his company in Berlin in 1919 and quickly spotted that the process of
compressing powdery substances into tablet form had a sustainable future.

The success achieved at that time with those first manual single punch presses enabled KORSCH
to become a globally acknowledged specialist in tableting technology.
100 years of specialization definitely make all the difference.

We not only regard our anniversary as an opportunity to take you on a journey back through time.
Equally, we see 2019 as marking the start of the future of tableting. Come celebrate with us!


Specialization is the key, innovations open new doors. By adopting this philosophy,
KORSCH has played a major role in shaping the evolution of plant and tableting technology throughout its 100-year corporate history. In-depth communication with industrial and scientific users as well as
cross-sectoral thinking deliver efficient, custom-made plant solutions.

This approach has generated an extensive range of precision research and development equipment, reliable single and double rotary presses through fully integrated containment equipment.


KORSCH has been developing and manufacturing its quality products in Berlin since 1919, while harnessing the German capital’s creative dynamism, “Made in Germany” precision and an understanding of global markets. The company’s commercial reach grew steadily after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

KORSCH now provides support to its pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical research and industry
customers around the world from its international sales and service hubs
in Europe, America, India and Asia.


Five generations of employees have formed the core of KORSCH since the family business was founded. Equally conscious of tradition and innovation, they have always had the cross-departmental and
cross-border courage to rethink and continuously improve the tried and tested. The results are ideas, which will actively help to shape the future of the “tablet” as a dosage form and its production.

As one of the pioneers in automated process monitoring, KORSCH engineers are currently working
on solutions for the smart production methods of tomorrow with the aid of state-of-the-art
control and sensor technology.

Hightech application

The milestones of our company’s history – summarized for you in a compact and informative way.
Experience 100 years of KORSCH in 132 seconds: